Support the cause of GNE Myopathy, Shilpi Bhattacharya’s call for action

World Without GNE Myopathy (WWGM) is a charitable organization, headquartered in Delhi, dedicated to finding therapies for GNE myopathy (GNEM), a rare / neglected neuromuscular genetic disorder with debilitating effects on young adults. What starts off as gradual weakness in the legs and arms, eventually leads to severe disability and confines the person to a wheelchair.

Currently, there is no cure for this disorder. And WWGM is working hard to change this!

Worldwide estimates say 6 people in a million have GNEM; in india, it is estimated that this number could be much higher.
Finding Therapy / cure for GNEM requires extensive research, scientific and technical expertise. None of which is possible without appropriate funding.

WWGM is participating in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on Oct 21, to build awareness around GNEM and raising funds.
Donations can be made at

Every ₹₹ donated will go towards patient welfare and finding therapies for a disorder that doesn’t have a cure yet.

Shilpi Bhattacharya.,

Jindal Law School

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