If you are a disability inclusion professional or an activist engaged with advocacy at grassroots level, working with communities, please join this portal as an author!!

We invite field practitioners and disability rights activists to join as authors in this collaborative platform. As part of an attempt to create exposure for OPDs/DPOs and organisations working at grassroots level in health, elderly and disability interventions, especially community based initiatives, I am inviting field practitioners and disability activists, as authors who can write directly about your initiatives. You can also send video and audio material, we are eager to integrate podcast, video uploads to the portal!

Currently reaching out to people across the globe, especially those involved in disability/health field at a micro, community level. This is an initiative to curate, archive and build a repository for hitherto less visible community initiatives in the field of disability intervention.

It is a work in progress. So if you are a technical expert please give us a hand, we need support to build podcast and video integration options!

Most importantly- All languages are welcome 🙂

Deepa Palaniappan


+41 786569250 (whatsapp)