December 3 Movement Siege Protest Success! In Nilakottai. Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu. India

The Dindigul District Nilakkottai Panchayat Union Office had earlier staged a sit-in protest on behalf of Disha (December 3 Movement) over several complaints received in some gram panchayats for persons with disabilities in the Hundred Days (MGNREGA) program. After a 1 hour struggle the Regional Development Officer held talks with our State Deputy President Mr V.Mohanraj District Administrators and Branch Administrators on December 3 in the presence of the Police Inspector.

The struggle was halted because we accepted the 5 demands in it and destroyed the commitment to implement it.

Requests are given below:

1.100 day work program to provide work

  1. The full salary for the disabled is 256 rupees in full to provide
  2. More than 4 hours a day for disabled people do not force yourself to work
  3. Except for work suitable for persons with disabilities do not force yourself to do impossible work
  4. Use the record separately as for disabilities

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