Families of Children with Disabilities are severely hit economically due to Covid: steps taken in Malawi to train parents on making masks.

Speaking with one parent of a youth with disability, Ronnacy Nyirongo of Mzuzu City PODCAM support group, sounded SOS.

Ronnacy says that in the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, families with children with disabilities are severely hit economically. Such that they cannot afford to buy the lucrative face masks for themselves and their wards. In fact she said that even the acquired masks do not last long as the usage is not well understood and cared for by the children with disabilities especially those with Intellectual Disabilities. Hence, she has engaged the parents with trainings in making masks locally that could be reused. She further says that this challenge is also rampant when it comes to teaching parents on how to sew sanitary pads for adolescent girls. Most mothers come from ultra- poor families which can hardly source the materials for this productive local industry. Hence, the appeal for well-wishers. Let us help these destitute mothers.

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