Ojijo Mbai Odhiambo’s Epilepsy Journey

Hello , I’m Ojijo Mbai Odhiambo from Kenya.I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 6months old due to loss of oxygen during birth. It has been a tough journey until now; I’m 25years old.

I had frequent seizures when i was young and didn’t know what they were. Thanks to my parents for their support for where I am today. I could have frequent seizures when I was in my lower primary school. At times I could just go to school feeling well, but experiencing severe seizures I could wake up in the hospital undergoing treatment. 

I was using phenobarbital until the age of 11 when I was stopped from the drug after a long period without seizures. All went on well until June 2015 in my final  year in high school, when epilepsy ‘striked back’. It was a weekend when I had a severe seizure attack. I wanted to go home but I was denied a chance.

Tough times it was not only to find that my father had passed on. Finishing my high school , my mother took me to hospital and my neurologist sent me to go for an EEG test and a brain MRI.

The results were discouraging, left neurons sleeping over each other, loss of oxygen in the brain and an injury on my temporal lobe.

It has been a tough time on my academic journey. At times having seizures in class, colleagues not understanding, most of the times out of school seeking medication while others are learning. There was a time I nearly got burnt inside the house while I was cooking and alone in the house too. Missing medication and stress are also a challenge. I must study for long hours to understand because of the side effects of the medication. 

It’s a blessing that God granted me the course that I wanted. 

It has been a tough journey in the academic sector but all in all, I’m finishing it soon. 

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